Weardale Agricultural Society Committee

Mrs Diana Sutcliff


Tel: 01388 537287

Mr Greg Dalton

Chair (also Section Leader - Sheep)

Tel: 01388 537415 | Mobile: 075 46328241
Email: ggregdalton@aol.com

Mr John Craig

Vice Chair

Tel: 01388 527207

Mrs Joan Warriner

Secretary (also Section Leader - Children' Pets, Horticulture and Floral Art, Running Events, Teddy Bear & Cuddly Toy)

Tel: 01388 537606
Email: joan.warriner@btinternet.com

Mr John F. Jackson

Treasurer (also Section Leader - Photography)

Tel: 01207 507403
Email: weardaleshowtreasurer@outlook.com

Mrs Jo Hayes


Tel: 01388 517572
Email: josephinephillip@btinternet.com

Mr Dennis Craig


Tel: 01388 517297

Mrs Anna Nelson

Craft, Farmers' Market and Trade Stands

Tel: 01388 537215
Email: annajnelson@hotmail.com

Mrs Shelly Scholes

Publications and Dog Competition

Email: shellyscholes@gmail.com

Mrs Susan Woodcock

Grand Raffle Draw

Tel: 01388 517157

Horse and Pony


Miss Ashleigh Jameson

Produce and Handicrafts

Tel: 01388 834085
Email: produceandhandicraft@aol.com

Mr John F. Jackson


Tel: 01207 507403
Email: weardaleshowphotography@hotmail.co.uk