The Schedule

  • Glossy colour cover inside and out, A5 booklet
  • Black and white publication with an outline programme of the day’s events, details of all the classes to enter and entry forms in the centre
  • Back cover, inside front and back, colour: full page £140, half page £85, ¼ £55
  • Pages within booklet, matt black and white: 1/3 page £45

Roadside panels

  • Colour, double sided correx panels (81cm x 61cm) mounted on a pole: £25 each
  • To include your logo as sponsor and the Weardale Show to be mounted in and around St John’s Chapel 1 week prior to the Show (council directive).
  • Or can be mounted further afield for advertising purposes in Cumbria, Northumberland and Co Durham.

‘Teardrop’ Flags

  • Coloured ‘sail’ flags to include your logo as sponsor and Weardale Show.  
  • Can be mounted up to 4 weeks before the Show, at both entrance gates and gate from car park into the show ground. in pairs: £120 for two.
  • If you have your own available, £25 to display 1 sail flag at an agreed location on the field.


  • £25 to display your own banner at the main ring side, marquee or section of the show.

Prize Sponsorship

  • Donations of £10 are always welcome towards all the different competition class prizes.
  • Your name will appear in the Schedule.

For amounts over £100 on sponsorship or advertising, your company logo will appear on the website.

For example, if full page advertisement is taken out in the Schedule or an

£85 advert and £15 contribution towards prizes, it would also qualify you for your logo on the website.

Many thanks for considering sponsorship of our 151st Annual Show on 28th August 2021

Press and publicity contact:    Joan Warriner     Mobile: 07968740301 Home: 01388537606

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